“All In Sport” Summit

In October of 2018, the first Summit of the Sport4All project, entitled “All-in Sport”, took place in the city of Guimarães, in Portugal, organised by the project coordinators to kick-off the project and share the experience until the moment. This meeting gathered together the coordinators of each of the partners of the project, and the […]

“Sport And Inclusion: Generating European Waves” Summit

In January 2019, took place in Berlin, Germany, the 2nd Summit of the Sport4All project, entitled “Sport and Inclusion: Generating European Waves”, which gathered the leaders of each partner organisation local teams and some of the participants of the implementation phase in Portugal in order to help promote the local intervention in Germany and in […]

“Inclusion: The Sport Way” Summit

In may of 2019, took place in Belmonte Mezzagno, Sicily, Italy, the last presential Summit of the Sport4All project, entitled “Inclusion: The Sport Way”. Each responsible for the project from each of the partners attended to this Summit in order to promote the European visibility of the project, presenting the results of the implementation in […]