All In Sport

In October of 2018, the first Summit of the Sport4All project, entitled “All-in Sport”, took place in the city of Guimarães, in Portugal, organised by the project coordinators to kick-off the project and share the experience until the moment.

This meeting gathered together the coordinators of each of the partners of the project, and the responsible persons for the coordinations of the several departments, in order to prepare the activities in the other countries and to define a detailed agenda, communication policies, external relations and results dissemination.

Each partner had the opportunity to present, in person, their action plans in each area/activity of their responsibility, receiving feedback for optimising their action strategy. For example, Youth Venture Berlin had the opportunity to meet the local responses in terms of learning opportunities, employment and youth entrepreneurship, allowing to adapt their action plan in these areas, specifically regarding sports. ACVV, had equally the same opportunity, in their specific areas, to meet the local responsible persons and entities for project communication and partnerships.

In one of the days, we had the opportunity to visit a local school, which is actively working with us to promote this project, where we played some sports with local youngsters, which are our target group.