Inclusion: The Sport Way

In may of 2019, took place in Belmonte Mezzagno, Sicily, Italy, the last presential Summit of the Sport4All project, entitled “Inclusion: The Sport Way”.

Each responsible for the project from each of the partners attended to this Summit in order to promote the European visibility of the project, presenting the results of the implementation in all the three countries.

During one of the days of the project, with the support of the local Municipality Hall, we had the opportunity to paint a wall, in one of the parks of the city, promoting European waves, and the use of Sport as tool for inclusion, as well as the project outcomes and main ideas.

During one of the other days of the Summit, we went to a local school to check the bad conditions of the facilities and how this project would help build better infrastructures to give the youngsters better sport conditions, and promote equal opportunities for everyone. Still during this day, we have the opportunity to meet the local football team, which has both male and female teams, allowing us to get involved with the local youngster and promote their European involvement.